A team of professionals with the same goal: to grow your business

Our capabilities

The implementation of a management system is much easier and more successful if the partners understand each other. To this end, our consultants have a good business background (Graduates) and extensive experience in ERPs (average 15 years).

We also constantly invest in the training that Odoo offers us as official partners, using Odoo Enterprise, attending its official courses and attending the annual congress in Brussels from 2013.

How we work

Our business is based on solving the needs of our clients in the most efficient way possible, that is the fundamental objective. To this end, we use the project methodology recommended by Odoo SA (Gap Analysis) and the so-called Agile methods: SCRUM and Kanban.

And once the implementation is complete, our maintenance service will enable you to get the most out of your Odoo, for many years to come.

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Josean Soroa


With technical (Computer Engineering) and business training (MBA), he has extensive experience in the world of IT for SMEs.

It's the heart of the company and is passionate about Technology and Quality.

As he believes in "men sana in corpore sano", he likes running, and participates in 1 or 2 marathons every year. Along with his club runner, he collaborates every year with NGOs to support children, refugees, etc..

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Miguel Orueta


IT Professional with wide experience in ERP implementation in industrial companies.

 Expert in the areas of Manufacturing, Planning, Supply Chain, Inventories, Store Management, Sales, Invoicing,...

It's qualified as an "All-terrain" professional,
 with great intuition and aptitude to solve the complex problems with simple and imaginative solutions. 

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Gelo Joga


Degree in Administration and Business Management, it has developed his career in the financial department of several companies working with different ERPs.

He developed tools to solve existing lacks and to achieve a major efficiency  at the moment of running the business processes.

Fitness enthusiast, loves to propose new challenges and carry them out. Always optimistic. "If there is a problem, there must always be several solutions".

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Ignacio Garbizu


Graduated in IT Engineering and with Sales management training, he is interested on ERP and open source worlds.

He's passionated of new technologies and programming; and he enjoys learning to use new tools.

He defines himself as a versatile person with initiative; he likes running and sports in general.

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Nagore Salaberria


Software Engineer, with a master's degree in advanced computer systems. Specialized in the web world and artificial intelligence.

Expert in the world of eCommerce/digital area and data mining. She believes that "in data is information and in it, knowledge". 

Passionate about the world of dance and music. Another of her great hobbies is snow and sports in general. "If anything defines me, it's that I always give my best in everything I do, emphasizing the importance of the little things.

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Iñigo Lasa


With a degree in Economics, he has focused his professional career on providing financial, accounting and foreign trade advice to both individuals and companies.

A lover of sport in general and football in particular, his other great passion is travelling. After travelling the world for a year, he chose San Sebastian as the best city to follow his personal and professional development.

Josean Soroa - Project Manager at Landoo

Denys Sarapulov


Graduado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, ha trabajado en una variedad de ámbitos, centrándose en consultoría y comercio exterior, para lo cual hablar inglés, ruso y polaco le ha venido bien.

Le gusta aprender cosas nuevas y viajar a sitios distantes. Ha vivido y recorrido por buena parte de Europa del Este. Dicha experiencia le ha ayudado a adquirir nuevos conocimientos, aumentar su versatilidad y crecer profesionalmente.

Landoo timeline

Top 2 en el Ranking de Partner Oficiales de Odoo en España

- Odoo Roadshow 2020 - Zaragoza
January 23rd 

- Odoo Roadshow 2020 - San Sebastián 
April 23rd

- Llegamos al más alto nivel de partner: ¡GOLD!
- Top 5 entre más de 50 partners en España
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- Odoo Roadshow 2019 - Bilbao

We keep growing,  SILVER
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Landoo becomes READY Partner

Odoo Experience 2013


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Landoo we are convinced of the social function that companies must fulfill in their environment. In the world of Free Software we must also promote the projects that contribute the most to society as a whole. That's why we annually finance some of the most relevant Opensource projects and also solidarity NGOs through the Spring Race. 

More information about CSR in Wikipedia. RSC en Wikipedia.

Proyectos de Software libre que financiamos


 El ERP libre que es tendencia en todo el mundo.

5 Millones de usuarios y 70.000 empresas.


Odoo Community Association. The worldwide community of Odoo developers.


The Free Encyclopedia

Libre Office

Free office software, successor of Openoffice and Staroffice

Proyectos Solidarios que financiamos

Every year throught the Carrera de Primavera Donostiarrak-UPV :

2020, Gender Equality. 
Wanawake - Maua

Wanawake (women in Swahili) is an NGO fighting in Kenya, Tanzania and Spain against the three most radical types of gender-based violence: female genital mutilation, child marriage and trafficking in women for exploitation

2019, Alzheimer

"El Futuro es la memoria", is an NGO that aims to train the relatives of Alzheimer's patients.

2018, Infancia en Kenia

Project aimed at the health of children in the population of Lokitaung in Kenya. Hand in hand with the organization  "Amigos Solidarios".