Get rid of the tickets!

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Take a picture of it with your cell phone and you can throw it away

  • From App Android and iOS

  • Approved by the Inland Revenue and Taxation Agency.


    It accepts different types of expenses: Tickets, bills, mileage charges.

  • Recognition of the data from the photograph: cif, address, amount, etc.

  • Automatic and exportable expense sheet (pdf, csv)

  • Implementation: training, consultancy, possible adaptations

Integrated with Odoo

A simple photo and your expenses will be accessible and controlled from your Odoo.

Odoo • Text and Image   

Loosing your tickets it is not a problem anymore!

Storing tickets and crumpled bills in your bag or jacket is a matter of days. Don't worry, with Okticket, you can throw them all away. Ah! And forget about having to do the expense sheets by hand. Okticket makes them for you.

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