Everything you need to successfully deploy your Odoo


Quick implementation or customized

We analyze your case and offer the best solution with Odoo

Depending on your business profile, you might customize your ERP to a grater or lesser degree. For the rest, we can customize Odoo to your  needs.

And as every company it's different, contact us and we will prepare a customized offer for you.

Implementation methodology

Following Odoo advises

The change of the ERP is a project  not exempt of difficulties. Take advantage of the manufacturer experience and use his recommended methodology: the gap analysis.

We make a preliminary analysis of your company´s needs (with or without process analysis). The results are documented and valorated by our team. Then, we incorporate them to "Gap Analysis". spreadsheet. This process allows to:

  • Verify which of the needs are covered by Odoo´s standard and which (Gaps) is necessary to develop,

  • Obtain a customized budget based on what you really need.

  • Estimate the lenght of the project.

  • Create a detailed task list  to make a project  close tracking.

And if you want, in the cloud

The fast alternative to complex infrastructures

If you don´t want to invest in infraestructures that could eventually become insufficient, place your Odoo in the cloud.  Don´t worry, you can also use our cloud, if neccessary

You will obtain a sure, rapid and trustworthy system in one of the best IT data Center of Europe. And with Landoo's custom service.