Odoo, the ERP of new age

Odoo has been designed in the Internet era, using its technology and philosophy 

  Its interface is full web.

 Odoo is an open software and it can be adapted  to your company's needs.

It is based on the most successful open standards, which ensures its future evolution.

It competely scales up. If your company grows, you can  just upgrade your server.


Flexible functionality


In the cloud or on premise.

2,000,000 users

50,000 enterprises

135 países

Discover why 50,000 companies over the world already trust Odoo.

Different companies around the world have already trusted Odoo as their information system.

From unipersonal companies to organizations bearing up to 300,000 users.

Más de 50.000 empresas confían en Odoo Open Erp

International references

Many international companies aroundt the world have put their trust in Odoo to develop their business: Danone, Toyota, WWF, Auchan (Alcampo), Singer, Veolia (Giroa in Basque Country), Canonical, etc.

Read the next successful cases to know more details.



International references with Odoo

National references

In Spain 2,000 companies already use Odoo.


Referencias estatales con Odoo, Open Erp

Our services

All you need to implement Odoo in your company

  • Take advantage of every possibility Odoo can offer you.
  • We use the methodology recommended by the manufacturer, " Gap Analysis ".
  • We can help you reengineer your processes if necessary.

Quick instalation or customized

According to your company´s profile you can choose in what extend you want to adapt to ERP. We can also customized Odoo to your needs.

Implementation methodology

Changing a company´s ERP can sometimes face challenges. Take advantage of  the manufacturer's experience and use his recommended method: the gap analysis .

Hosting in the cloud

If you don´t want to invest in infrastructures that could eventually become insufficient, place your Odoo in the cloud. If necessary, don´t you worry, you can also use our cloud.