June 3, Online Conference: Digital Transformation
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June 3, Online Conference: Digital Transformation
Josean Soroa
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              Webinar content.


              • Gabriel Morais - Account Manager Odoo Spain - gam@odoo.com 

              • Josean Soroa - Director of the Gold Partner Landoo - js@landoo.es

              • Sergi Ramia - Process Control Technology Consultant - sergi.ramia@processcontrol.es


              Gabriel: Josean, can you give us concrete examples of digital transformation?

              • CRM systems in mobility integrated with Order and Warehouse system in real time

              • Enable teleworking with our ERP in the cloud

              • Manage our website, blog, email newsletters and social networks from a single point connected to our CRM

              • Industry 4.0

              Gabriel: Sergi, can you give us an example of a successful case?
              Transfer all the activity of a company to the digital system. Not just Billing, Accounting and Manufacturing.Even the messaging between the members of the company can be done from Odoo, downloading the emails.

              Important aspects of digital transformation

              Gabriel: Josean, every time we use more specific software for each process and it is quite complex. Do we need even more?

              • It is not about adding another piece to my puzzle of solutions. It is about replacing the puzzle with an integrated system that can do most of the functions that we now have disconnected.

              • A classic example: the Mailchimp. It can be replaced by Odoo and in this way the salespeople will be able to see their interest in the newsletters sent from the contact file.

              • Another example: eCommerce. If we integrate it, we will have stock information in real time in the ecommerce and orders can begin to be prepared in a minute after the customer has made the purchase.

              Gabriel: Sergi, does Productivity really improve? How is this?

              • The times to carry out any process of the company are reduced, for example in the preparation of budgets and their online signature by the client.

              • Staff can get more done in the time saved

              • Errors are reduced which, in addition to the direct benefit, saves us even more time in processing.

              Gabriel: Josean, there is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0. What can be specified in the case of one of our clients?

              • Iot devices and connected machines

              • Operators with tablets instead of paper who, in addition to helping them in their work, allow us to collect more accurate information in real time.

              • Reducing errors can help us address markets that were previously closed for our company

              Gabriel: Sergi, what will happen to our company if we start the transformation? And what will happen if we don't start?

              • Technology will work for us, not the other way around

              • Eliminate non-value-added tasks

              • If this process is not addressed, our company will lose competitiveness

              Questions from attendees

              Iñaki Lázaro asks. What application do you recommend for occupational risk management?

              Laura asks. Can Odoo help me with all the issues that come to us every day in Outlook?

              Gabriel Alsina asks. I am a Vocational Training teacher and I am interested in having training resources to teach Odoo to my students.

              Aitor Fernández asks. To launch E-Newsletter campaigns, what is the server configuration?

              Question Héctor G .: What reporting tools does Odoo have?

              Question Héctor G .: Can you get cross reports with data from different Odoo applications, eg CRM, Sales and Manufacturing?

              Final Recommendations


              • Trust experts to handle the complex part of this process.


              • Digital transformation is not an option, it is a necessity, the pandemic has reminded us. And for that very reason, this year 2020 may be the best time to launch ourselves into digitization, taking advantage of exceptional financial aid.

              • We recommend defining a 5-10 year roadmap to digitize ourselves thinking about all present and future challenges, and approach it in phases.

              • Rely on a proven solution (Odoo has 4 million users), based on open software (it will allow it to fully adapt its operation) and which will ensure that it will continue to be competitive in the future (Odoo has a successful business model with a very high evolution superior to its competition
                . See comparison in Google Trends

              • Let experts help you in this process and contact us from our website www.landoo.es or our email info@landoo.es

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              June 3, Online Conference: Digital Transformation
              Josean Soroa 3 June, 2020
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