April 23 - Event in San Sebastián, Online
Odoo adapts its Roadshow 2020 to the online format
16 April, 2020 by
April 23 - Event in San Sebastián, Online
Iñigo Lasa

Odoo had chosen our hometown, San Sebastián to host an event on April 23 at the Miramón Technology Park that Landoo, as a leading partner in northern Spain, was going to sponsor.

Faced with the impossibility of holding physical events due to the coronavirus pandemic, Odoo changes the route plan of its Roadshow 2020, adapting the events scheduled for this month in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and San Sebastián, to the online format.

The event will be broadcast on YouTube and will consist of small demonstrations on different areas of Odoo. As a novelty, the interaction of the attendees will be asked to choose live by votes, which areas will be taught.

There will also be a live chat where you can make your questions that the presenter will answer at the end of the event during the question and answer session. From Landoo we are also at your disposal to clarify any questions that may arise after the event

As soon as the situation returns to normal, we will resume the organization of the physical event in our city. We will keep you informed.

Take advantage of the time to get to know the ERP of the new Era and adapt your company to new technologies.

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April 23 - Event in San Sebastián, Online
Iñigo Lasa 16 April, 2020
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